All the Sciences Po exam annals

Succeed in your entrance exam thanks to all the Sciences Po exam annals, available on Intégrer Sciences Po.

These exams are the ideal way to practice with the different subjects offered, but above all to understand the types of questions you will have to face.

Whether it’s for Sciences Po Paris, the common IEPs, or the independent IEPs like Bordeaux and Grenoble, you’ll find the kind of subjects that have gotten celebrities into Sciences Po.

Good luck and good discovery!

Sciences Po Paris competitive exams

Annals of the IEP common entrance exam

Annals of the Sciences Po Bordeaux competitive examination

Sciences Po Grenoble entrance exams

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  1. Hello, would it be possible for you to put online a corrected science exams po Grenoble 2014? That would be really nice! Thanks in advance

  2. @elodie: Hello Elodie, this is not planned… We can help you if you need information in English Have a nice day The Academics in Politics team

  3. hello, are you going to put online the 2013 English corrector of Sciences Po Grenoble? thanks in advance

  4. Hello, are you going to put Science Po Grenoble answers online? And will you give advice for the test of the Book?

  5. Hello, when can we have the annals of the Sciences Po Paris Competition? Thanks in advance

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