Annals of the IEP 2A Common Competition

Since 2014, a competitive exam has been set up by the IEP de Province collective to allow candidates to enter directly into the2nd year. This exam is in addition to the classic entrance exam for the 1st year, for which you can find the annals below:

Annales du concours commun 1A des IEP

Annals of the Contemporary Questions subjects of the 2A common entrance exam

Subjects of IEP 2A Contemporary Questions in 2015 : Migration and/or General Culture : Business

Training subjects on ENTERPRISE
Training subjects on MIGRATION

IEP 2A Contemporary Issues topics in 2015 : health and/or inequalities
Topic 1 : Equal access to health care: myth or reality (answers)
Topic 2 : Can health be global?

Subjects of the IEP 2A contemporary issues in 2014 : commitment and/or city
Topic 1 : Does commitment always serve the general interest?
Topic 2 : The city, a vector of progress?

Annals of the Specialty subjects of the Common Entrance Examination 2A

Specialty subjects of the IEP 2A in 2014 :
Specialty “History” : Subject : Being a worker in Western Europe (1848 – 1945)
Specialty “Economics” : Subject : Competition and economic well-being
Political Science” Specialty: Subject: What is the use of political parties?
Specialty “Constitutional Law”: Subject: The President of the United States of America and the President of the French Republic

Annales of the subjects in English of the IEP common exam

IEP 2A English Topics in 2014 : Fixing Immigration, in Principle – By THE EDITORIAL BOARD, The New York Times, JAN. 30, 2014

IEP Common Entrance Examination Spanish Subjects Annals

IEP 2A Spanish topics in 2014 : El declive de la Monarquía – Bonifacio de la Cuadra, El País, 02/05/2013

Annals of the German subjects for the IEP common entrance exam

German topics for the IEP 2A in 2014 : Der kranke Mann Europas, Karin Finkenzeller, Die Zeit, 21. Januar 2014

Annals of the Italian subjects of the IEP common entrance exam

Italian topics for the IEP 2A in 2014 : Immigrazione, questione italiana o europea? – di Alessio Pisanòil Fatto Quotidiano (versione online) 17 ottobre 2013

Annals of the IEP 1A Common Competition

All the Annals of the IEP


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