Answers: Is language only a tool?

Is language only a tool? Let’s try to express with this so useful tool, language, an answer to this seeming problem.

This was one of the three subjects of the Baccalaureate of philosophy in 2013 series L.

Analysis of the subject – correction Is language only a tool?

Ferdinand de Saussure is a pioneer
of the reflection on language

Language : The ability of men to express their thoughts and to communicate
thought and to communicate between them by means of a system of conventional vocal and/or
conventional vocal and/or graphic signs constituting a language; p. meton
language as realization of this faculty.
is it : directly calls for a dialectical plan, with I. II. and III.
only a: tool
tool : in this case : means; that which
to obtain a result, to act on something. Meaning
: Object manufactured, used manually, endowed with a form
and physical properties adapted to a given production process and allowing to transform the
allowing to transform the object of work according to a fixed goal.
The notions – in particular the two important ones, language and tools – must be worked on and questioned. It will be necessary to review what language and tool really mean
language and tools.

Problematic of the subject – correction Is language only a

We must ask ourselves: why am I being asked this question? What is the point of the subject?

Is language only a tool, is it nothing else? Is language only used to make oneself understood? Is language only a means or is it more than a means?

Corrective plan of Is language only a tool?

I. Language is a useful tool for man
II. Language is even more, and has a nature greater than the
mere tool
III. The language, because it is a new means, becomes immediately in the nature of
the nature of man

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