History sheet III. 4. totalitarian regimes: fascism, nazism, stalinism

III. From one war to another (1914-1939)

4. Totalitarian regimes: fascism, Nazism, Stalinism

→ Establishment of three totalitarian regimes

– totalitarianism in the USSR (Marx’s ideas, Bolshevik revolutions, Stalin’s rise to power)
– fascism (early forms of fascism, Mussolini’s conquest of power)
– nazism (emergence of Nazi ideas, creation of the NSDAP)

→ Comparison of the manifestations and control exercised by totalitarianisms

– totalitarian power (charismatic leader, single party, omnipotent state)
– control of populations (conditioned men from youth to adulthood, propaganda, new man project)
– the maintenance of power (the implementation of terror, the resistance to the authoritarian, the sacrificed populations)

Hitler, Staline, Mussolini
Three totalitarianisms incarnated by three leaders: Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini

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