I.B. From the Yalta conference to the Nuremberg trials

– tehran conference in 1943

→ The post-World War II conferences

– yalta conference from February 4 to 11, 1945 (it brought together Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. It led to the division of Germany into 4 zones, the entry of the USSR into the war against Japan, and the creation of the UN)
– potsdam conference from July 17 to August 2, 1945 (it brought together Stalin, Truman and Attlee (who replaced Churchill) and led to the 3 Ds: decartellization, demilitarization, and denazification)

→ Territorial upheavals

– Germany: loses a quarter of its territories (returns to its 1937 territories), and the Oder-Neisse line is the border with Poland. Germany is divided into 4 zones
– USSR: regains its territories
– significant population flows, particularly to Germany

→ The Nuremberg trials

– the Nuremberg trials judged 24 people between November 1945 and October 1946
– for crimes against peace, war crimes (not having respected the rules of war), and crimes against humanity (massacres of unarmed populations)
– 12 were sentenced to death.

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    1. It is about exile of German minorities from Poland and Czechoslovakia

  1. Rose, I think that here, the word decartelization means the dismantling, or a division, of the big German companies which participated in the manufacture of weapons for the Nazis for example.

  2. I do not quite understand the meaning of the word decartelization in this case, is it used for the dismantling of the Nazi organization?

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