[Clip] Has consumerism replaced social bonds?

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[Clip] Has consumerism replaced social bonds?

We are moving from a social community to an economic community. So the common ground that we find is not more on like 100 years ago, for example, it was more nationality, for example, national culture, or can be just the place where you live. So you create a community, a group, and social norms that regulate how you behave with others. Now what we find, this is what we find increasingly less in society. And now in Western society, indeed, what I can feel and perceive is that there is much more detachment between people. And there is much less empathy. On the other hand, we are becoming so much more connected on another level, which is our our consumeristic behavior, which is becoming very much unified, I would say. And the problem that I see is that perhaps in this economic community that we have, we don’t have a strong, a strong, a strong, unifying narrative that we can get truly along, and on which we can create something that is for everybody.

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