[Clip] Race, religion and trumpism

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One Change in the World
[Clip] Race, religion and trumpism

“Race also plays a part in the American story. A lot of white individuals see a threat to the power that whites have always had in America, especially then with the rise of Barack Obama becoming the first black president. And so Trumpism, it’s not entirely explained by this, but I think part of the explanation also is a backlash with respect to race, which again goes back to political power. Do you think we could expand not only race, but also to more general conservatives’ progressive values? I mean, culturally, so for example, even with religion, abortion, race, etc., where some people lived with a model that they had in mind, and maybe they feel frightened because of what they were experiencing. So what they are used to, their comfort is to have, you know, the ability to have one man, one woman for a couple, to have the traditional life, religious, doing things well. And maybe all these changes are actually creating a feeling of insecurity and threatening for them. And that’s why they are so much against all this change. I do think religion plays a large part of this. And these things interact intertwined. So this is abortion is a great example of the way I think this is playing out in America.
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