[Clip] Summary Individualism and mental health

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[Clip] Summary Individualism and mental health

In many parts, I didn’t make so much sense, but what I wanted to try to say is that, I mean, what came to mind as the main problem of what can be changed in the world was and is still mental health awareness. But to sort of try to understand mental health awareness, I think that we have to take a step back. This is not to say that mental health is not a problem that we would not encounter in another system, social or economic, whatever system, but we need to understand the roots of this part of the factors that may contribute to it. And one of these, this is my personal opinion at least, is that we live in an ever increasing individualistic society. And so the problem of individualism, especially in a society in which we get so many changes and we get the era of new technologies, social media, and it’s a of two-book capitalism, as I said, is ever more important. As you rightly also include into the discussion, we, and as now the name came back as Durkheim said, found, is that individualism is often related to high-rate suicide. And the problem of suicide is, let’s for example think about cyber-bullism, that’s something that is possible for men. And so we have to consider all these things. And finally, what we can do right now is to get people to be more aware of these issues. So one way to do it is through our educational system. And to do it then in our everyday life with social media, we don’t know, it’s a hard question. It’s a very hard question. For sure there are questions to it for Durkheim as well, we understood that. Yes, yes. So that’s it. That’s it and that’s already very much, so thank you very much, Mattia. Thank you. And let’s see, the very funny thing is that we are completely disappearing from the video because there’s no luminosity anymore. So it’s the perfect time to say goodbye and see you next time. Ciao.

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