[Clip] Using tacos to protect voting rights?

“Some places are trying to expand the ability to register voters, even in the face of often the conservative side trying to make it harder to register. And the taco trucks example was from Houston, where in a Hispanic neighborhood, taco trucks became voter registration hubs. They had voter registration papers. So when someone bought a taco, they were also asked, are you registered to vote? And the best part of the story, though, I love tacos, I had last night, by the way, I had an Italian taco, it’s a “piadina”, which my daughter actually did a research project on tacos around the world. And she learned that the Italian version is the “piadina” and I happened upon a place last night, so I got to try. But there was no form for you to register on the not not what I got my “piadina”. But one of the best parts of that story is that the voter turnout in those neighborhoods went up after the taco trucks became voter registration sites. And so I think you see a real world example of ways to improve voter turnout, even in the face of some attempts to push back against voting rights.
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