Practice topics on the theme of Health

In order to practice on the essays that may come up on the day of the exam, it is important to get an idea of the type of topic you will be given.

A good way to understand the logic of these subjects is to look at the old subjects, the annals of the subjects of the concours commun.

Here is a list of subjects that are likely to fall. Of course we are not revealing the subjects in advance, it is simply a foretaste of what awaits you, so that you know what to expect on the day of the competition.

Practice topics on the theme of HealthIs a

society good only when its citizens are healthy?

Can everyone be guaranteed good health?

Can the State fight against diseases?

Is health accessible to all?

Should the state intervene to promote the health of everyone?

Is the health system an indispensable protection?

Mixed training subjectsHealth

, a consequence of inequalities?

Are we all equal when it comes to health?

Is illness a factor in inequalities?

Feel free to propose plans for each of these topics in the comments below this article, it is an excellent exercise for you and for those who would like to have an idea of possible plans. In addition, the Intégrer Sciences Po team may be able to provide you with advice on the plans you propose.

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2 thoughts on “Practice topics on the theme of Health

  1. @Pierre: Hello Pierre, “confronts the personal character that is intrinsic to health” => It’s a very good idea to to recall the singular foundation of health, which is specific to everyone, and very well seen to confront it with the universal vocation of equality. Very good problematic On the organization of the plan, finally you separate these two aspects into (I) equality for all and (II) health for only one. It’s a good idea. Perhaps an even more effective plan would be to keep this relationship ambiguous for both titles, this means that for the (I) AND for the (II) the difficult relationship “for all – for only one” appears, and there you would really answer your problem and the subject. If anyone has any advice for you, or opinions, please don’t hesitate. Have a nice day, The Academics in Politics team

  2. For Can we guarantee good health for all, I problematized in The possibility of having all citizens on an equal footing with regard to health, is confronted with the personal character which is intrinsic to health and leads to a arbitration between Freedom and Equality With: I- The will to ensure a democratic principle. A- The ideal of equality B- A de facto inequality in the face of health (wrong title but I find nothing else) II- Health, a personal object A- Ethical and moral issues B- Personal freedom If you could let me know if it holds up that would be great! 🙂

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