Pythagoras and Euclid the fathers of demonstration (IEP 2013 Science)

Pythagoras, born around 560 BC, died in 480, founded a school organized as a sect.
He plays a major role in the history of science.
The numbers in his school were represented in the form of squared points, called gnomons.
To make a mathematical demonstration, it was necessary to show, to make the other see.

Euclid transformed this approach. Born around 300 BC, and author of the Elements, he set up a protocol to demonstrate.
– protasis : statement of the proposition
– ekthesis : give letters to the points
– determination : say what to do
– construction : build the figure
– demonstration : by deductions to arrive at the result
– conclusion : end with CQFD, what had to be demonstrated, or CQFF, what had to be done.