Training topics on the Company

In order to practice on the essays that may come up on the day of the exam, it is important to get an idea of the type of topic you will be given.

A good way to understand the logic of these subjects is to look at the old subjects, the annals of the subjects of the concours commun.

Here is a list of subjects that are likely to fall. Of course we are not revealing the subjects in advance, it is simply a foretaste of what awaits you, so that you know what to expect on the day of the competition.

Practice topics on migration

Practice topics on the topic of EnterpriseOur

favorite topic is #5. Practice specifically on this topic, come up with the most effective plan possible, find the best problematic to embrace the entire topic, and you’ll already have a head start in this contest! Of course, it also works with the other topics, the important thing is, as we say, to use your brain.

  1. Is the company the engine of society?
  2. Is the State a company?
  3. Does the company structure the economy?
  4. Does the enterprise create competition?
  5. Is the enterprise a private interest or a public interest ?
  6. Does the State have a place in the enterprise ?

Mixed training subjects: Enterprise / MigrationA

topic that would mix the 2 IEP 2016 themes Migration and Enterprise would be very complicated to implement, and we hardly imagine that IEPs would choose such an option. However, here are several proposals for topics in the event that the two topics are put together.

  1. Are companies involved in migration?
  2. Offshoring, a corporate migration?
  3. Is undertaking a migration a strategic choice?

Feel free to propose plans for each of these topics in the comments below this article, it’s a great exercise for you and for those who would like to get an idea of possible plans. In addition, perhaps the Intégrer Sciences Po team can provide you with advice on the plans you have proposed.

General Knowledge practice topics

General Knowledge : the Company