Training topics on the theme of Radicalities

This is to give you an idea of what you may be asked to do in the competition. You can first find the annals of the subjects of the common competition in order to have an overview, then we propose this list which should give you a good view of the kind of subjects you should expect.

Training topics on the theme of Radicalities

  1. Is democracy radical?
  2. Is being radical extremist?
  3. Are radical policies always exaggerated?
  4. Is radicalism a characteristic of youth?
  5. Radicalities, utopia or dystopia?

Mixed training subjects Radicalities – The city

  1. Is it necessary to have radical urban policies?
  2. Does the city allow radicals to flourish?
  3. Is the city the symbol of radicalism in the 21st century?

Propose your plans, your ideas, your reactions on these subjects in comments to make everyone benefit from it!

General Knowledge: the Radicalities