A baccalaureate S or ES for Sciences Po?

What should I do to enter Sciences Po: a Bac S or a Bac ES? The answer here.



I’m in the 1st year of scientific studies and I would like to know if I will have any gaps compared to a student in the Economic and Social stream to enter Science Po Paris. If so, could you please tell me about them so that I can fill them in?

Thank you



Good news for you: you’re not behind other majors!

Sciences Po Paris for the competitive exams distinguish well each stream and organize specific tests for each stream. Even Sciences Po Paris appreciates S students, because the stream cultivates logical reasoning and generally has a broad general culture.

So you are well on your way!

Insofar as students from other streams, ES or L, have a greater amount of time for certain courses in the competitive exam, they can use this knowledge in their papers and thus put their competitors at a distance. However, the Sciences Po programs are adapted so that all majors can take the exam.

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You can therefore, if you wish, go deeper into the knowledge, and browse, for example, in the textbooks the courses that concern the ES and L, especially in history. But the difference will be much more on all the books and all the additional knowledge, not on the programs.

Good luck with all the work ahead of you,

The Intégrer Sciences Po team

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