A look back at culture in 2013 and the controversies

The online newspaper Huffingtonpost offers you to relive the controversies that marked the world of culture in 2014.

Controversies punctuated the cinematic year. Some were born of the iconography chosen by film distributors as the poster of The Unknown of the Lake that will have shocked St. Cloud and Versailles. For Diana, a biopic on Lady Di, it is the location, near the Alma Bridge, that causes virulent reactions. These controversies sometimes cross borders when the Italian company BIM, decides to sell the film by Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave, with Brad Pitt rather than Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays a free man reduced to slavery.

You will find a slideshow with all the major culture controversies in 2013.

Culture retrospective in 2013 on the Huffingtonpost website

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