Definitions of Secrecy

There are three types of secrets in society:

  1. state secrets
  2. secrets of being (professional secret, secret of the confession)
  3. secrets of assets (economic secrets, manufacturing secrets)

But there is also the secret that we apply to ourselves, and of which we are the only ones to know.

This is what is nicely called the “secret garden”. Three definitions can be found in the CNRTL:

  1. That which is unknowable, that no one can know
  2. What constitutes the deep, enigmatic, inexpressible reality of someone or something
  3. That which is highly confidential, hidden from everyone; that is dealt with under the radar.

The first definition of the CNRTL is the most classical, the most sober.
The second definition opens us to philosophy.
The third definition is essential for a Sciences Po copy.

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