French law – 50 introductory law sheets

Are you entering a university law program? In a school of political science? Are you curious to Understand the foundations of law?

In all cases, these 50 introductory legal fact sheets will help you open up to legal studies thanks to precise facts, explained in a concise manner.

Organized for efficient learning in 2 parts, and 5 chapters, and many basic definitions of law, you can also find here directly the particular point of law that interests you.

Part 1: Objective Law

Chapter 1: The Rule of Law

I. The notion of the rule of lawA

. Law and justice

B. Law and equity

C. Law and morality

II. The Characteristics of the Rule of LawA

. The abstract, general and egalitarian character of the rule of law

B. The mandatory nature of the rule of law

III. The Foundations of the Rule of LawA

. The Doctrines of Natural Law

B. The doctrines of positive law

Chapter 2: The different branches of law

The branches of public law

cours introduction au droit

A. Constitutional Law

B. Administrative Law

C. Public finance law

D. Public international law

II. Branches of Private LawA

. Civil Law

B. Commercial law

C. Social law

D. Private international law

III. Mixed LawA

. Criminal Law

B. Procedural law

C. European Union Law

Chapter 3: Sources of Law

I. Internal sources of lawA

. Written sources of law

1. Texts of constitutional value
2. Texts of legislative value
3. Texts with regulatory value

B. Unwritten sources of law

1. Custom
2. Jurisprudence
3. Doctrine

II. External sources of lawA

. International treaties

B. European Union Law

1. Primary Community law
2. Secondary Community Law

C. European law

Chapter 4: The application of the law

I. The application of the law over timeA.

Coming into force of the Act

B. Disappearance of the Act

C. Conflicts of law over time

1. The principle of non-retroactivity of the law
2. The principle of immediate application of the law

II. The application of the law in spaceA.

The application of the law throughout the French territory

B. Exceptions to the principle of the application of the law on French territory

Part II: Subjective Rights

Chapter 5: Classification of Subjective Rights

I. Economic rightsA

. The notion of patrimony

1. A Universality of Rights
2. An emanation of the personality

B. Real rights

1. The main real rights
2. Accessory real rights
3. Attributes of real rights

C. Personal rights

D. Intellectual rights

II. Ex patrimonial rightsA

. The legal regime of extra patrimonial rights

B. The different types of extra patrimonial rights

1. Public rights or human rights
2. Private extra patrimonial rights

Chapter 6: The holders of subjective rights

I. Natural personsA

. The legal status of the natural person

1. The legal personality of the natural person
2. The legal status of a natural person

B. Identification of the natural person

1. The name and its accessories
2. The domicile

C. Capacity of the natural person

1. Incapacity of use
2. The incapacity to exercise

The rest is no longer part of what can be described as an introduction to law. But do not worry, the law is an infinite science. You are not at the end of your pleasure: civil law; constitutional law; history of law; administrative law; criminal law; public finance; European Union law; etc. are all exam questions that remain to be studied in depth.

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