History from the 19th century to the present day

This collection of fact sheets takes you back two hundred years. It will be an opportunity to understand the rise of nationalism, the cultural and economic transformations in the world, and how we arrived at the two most deadly conflicts of our era.

→ World History Dates

The world from the mid-19th century to 1939

Guerre franco-prussienne
Franco-Prussian War

I. The industrial age and civilization (mid-19th century to 1939)

1. Economic and social transformations and ideologies of the industrial age in Europe and North America
2. Europe and the world
3. Religion, culture and arts

II. Nations and States (mid-19th century to 1914)

1. Nationalities and nationalism in Europe before 1914
2. Industrial states between conservative tradition and liberal and democratic push
3. France from 1848 to 1914

III. From one war to another (1914–1939)

1. The First World War, the Russian Revolution and the upheavals in Europe
2. The crisis of liberal democracies
3. France from 1919 to 1939
4. Totalitarian regimes: fascism, Nazism, Joseph Stalinism

The world from 1939 to the present day

Char d'assaut de la seconde guerre mondiale
Tank of the Second World War

I. The Second World War

1. The main phases
2. Europe and France in the war
3. Assessment of the war

II. The world since 1945

1. The economic and social transformations of the world since 1945 (Trente Glorieuses, between 1973 and 1996)
2. Two major ideological models of the world (institutions, societies, culture) and their evolution: the Soviet model, the American model
3. The confrontations of the great powers and the dissolution of the blocks
4. The emancipation of dependent peoples and the emergence of the Third World

III. France since 1945

1. Political evolution since 1945 post-Gaullism, until today)
2. Economy, society, culture

For a chronological summary of the last century:

→ 60 dates to know by heart about the world, Europe, and France since 1945

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