Improve your Knowledge of History with French Podcasts

Improving your history skills, in a simple and fun way, is possible thanks to podcasts.

Quality history programs

programs are broadcast on the radio, and are all available as podcasts: on the radio’s website, and also online on iTunes.

You can download them and listen to them at any time of the day, or before going to sleep.

  • Franck Ferrand raconte — Radio classique (the easiest and most attractive)
  • Au cœur de l’histoire — Europe 1 (the show is stopped but the archives are easily found)
  • La marche de l’histoire — France Inter (the program is also stopped but the program, made with sound documents, is easily found)
  • La fabrique de l’histoire — France Culture (the most complete and specific)

There are other programs in history, which you can mention in the comments. Do not hesitate to look for podcasts in English either.

→ See the list of history podcasts in English given by Stephanie Janet in the comments (thanks!)

The disadvantage is that they will only be useful for world history, 20th-century history, and not necessarily for French history, but the advantage is that there are more of them, and they allow you to practice in English.

Gaining productivity by listening to podcasts

you listen to these radio programs or podcasts, i.e. programs available on the internet after they have been broadcast on the radio, you can follow some guidelines to improve your productivity:

  • Write down the dates, or time periods, as you go along.
  • Write down the names mentioned and do a quick search
  • Mention on a piece of paper the facts that made an impression on you.

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4 thoughts on “Improve your Knowledge of History with French Podcasts

  1. The best history podcasts in English are: – History Extra podcast – In Our Time (excellent program from BB4; there are several topics: Philosophy, history etc.) – Germany: Memories of a Nation (another podcast from BBC 4 ) On Itunes you can also find excellent courses such as that of Professor Donald Kagan of Yale University on the history of ancient Greece. Really very good.

  2. @Camille: Hello Camille, we have received your request. If the question was about history podcasts to listen to in English, we do not know many. Perhaps the American podcasts Stuff You Missed in History Class, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and the British podcast In Our Time. If the question was about podcasts to improve your English, we will offer you an article on Podcasts and Shows to listen to improve your English. The article will be available from January 24 at 4 p.m. Good day, The Academics in Politics team.

  3. I don’t understand why English podcasts would only be useful for the 20th century. I just finished an excellent podcast on Roman history (and therefore also of France) called The History of Rome.

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