Is it enough to have the choice to be free?

Definition of the terms of the question:

Is it enough: This expression can be understood by the model: “does this simple condition X allow Y”?

choice: power, faculty of discerning and leaning towards something rather than another

Free: 1. who has the disposition of his person, who is free from subjection. 2. Who can determine in all independence his acts, his conduct, and, in particular, who can operate a choice without undergoing the influence of a preliminary determination? (Dictionary of the French Academy)

These notions are, however, to be deepened and refined throughout the assignment. It is only a question here of giving a usual definition, which must be confronted with those of free will, independence and capacity.


The problem raised by the question of the assignment is that of freedom as a choice. Is choice the very essence of freedom, or does freedom or does freedom cover a wider range? Is freedom “having a choice”, or is it defined differently?

Anselm —The existence of free will (correction)

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