Love – Song of Songs


Let him give me the kisses of his mouth: better than wine are your loves!

Delight, the smell of your perfumes; your name, a perfume which is poured out: thus the young girls love you!

Take me along: let us run after you! The king has brought me into his dwelling. CHORUS In you, our feast and our joy! We will repeat your loves, better than wine: it is right to love you! SHE

I am black, but beautiful, daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like the fabrics of Salma.

Do not look at my black skin: it is the sun that has turned me brown. My mother’s sons were angry with me, and they put me in charge of the vineyards. My vineyard, mine, I did not keep it.

Tell me, beloved of my soul, where you feed your sheep, where you lay them down at noon, so that I will not go astray to the flocks of your companions. CHORUS

If you do not know, O beautiful one of the women, go out to the tracks of the flock and lead your young goats to the tents of the shepherds. HIM

Cavale harnessed to Pharaoh’s chariots, so you appear to me, O my friend!

What charm, your cheeks between your curls, your neck between the pearls!

We will make you golden curls, inlaid with silver. SHE

When the king is in his pens, my perfume spreads its good smell.

My beloved, for me, is a bag of myrrh: between my breasts, he will spend the night.

My beloved to me is a branch of the cypress among the vines of Enn-Guèdi. HIM

Ah, how beautiful you are, my friend! Ah, how beautiful you are, your eyes are like doves! SHE

Ah, how beautiful you are, my beloved: you are grace itself! The greenery is our bed;

the cedars from the beams of our house and the cypresses, our panelling.

A love song, the Song of Songs is found in the Bible. It is a hymn to love, whether it be from man to God, from God to man, or from man to man.

For if the love of the neighbor prevails, necessarily the love of two lovers carries this strong friendship for the neighbor. Indeed, friendship is at the root of love. If we add transcendence to it, then true love takes on its full meaning.