Romulus creates the city of Rome

The gesture of Romulus to draw the contours of the city shows the need for men to delimit their territory.

It is a founding gesture, since the creation of cities in general is often traced back to this decision of Romulus to trace his territory.

It is a founding gesture, but also a bloody one, since Remus is killed when he goes beyond the boundaries of the territory.

In this excerpt, it is, of course, the city of Rome.

The two brothers want to find their own city, and it is at the foot of Mount Palatine, where they were saved by the she-wolf, that they decide to build it. To choose the King, they entrusted themselves to the gods who chose Romulus by the omen they discerned in the flight of a bird. Romulus then traces the furrow of the sacred enclosure within which the city will develop. But during an argument, Remus defies his brother by crossing the furrow, not respecting its sacred character, then Romulus kills him. Romulus becomes the first king of Rome.

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