Short Biography of François Hollande

François Hollande is a French politician, member of the Socialist Party, who served as a member of parliament, first secretary of the PS, mayor of Tulle and president of the French Republic from 2012 to 2017. He is known for his 2012 presidential campaign, which focused on the themes of economic growth, employment and social justice. This article is a short biography that will explore his professional and political life, his accomplishments as President of the French Republic, and his personal journey.

Short Biography of François Hollande

François Hollande was born on August 12, 1954. Raised in Rouen and then in Neuilly-sur-Seine, François Hollande studied at Paris-II. He studied law, then joined H. E. C. Paris, Sciences Po Paris, and finally ENA. It was at ENA that he met Ségolène Royal, with whom he had four children. François Hollande did his military service and graduated in 1978 with the rank of reserve lieutenant.

Personalities Who Attended Sciences Po

an auditor at the Cour des Comptes, he also taught at Sciences Po Paris until 1991. In 1983, he was a municipal councilor in Ussel. The following year, he became a referendary adviser at the Cour des Comptes. He was a Member of Parliament from 1988 to 1993. He was also a lawyer for a few months after 1997, and again a deputy between 1997 and 2012. He is at the same time first secretary of the socialist party from 1997 to 2008, and president of the general council of Corrèze until May 11, 2012.

It is this same year, in 2012, that the political career of François Hollande takes a new dimension, as he becomes President of the Republic. He will have successively for prime ministers Jean-Marc Ayrault, then Manuel Valls.

Several issues mark this five-year term, in particular: the release of Valérie Trierweiler’s book, the taxation of the richest, gay wedding (“marriage pour tous”), the attacks in Paris in January and November 2015, the labor law of Myriam El Khomri, the fight against Daesh, and the collaboration between states of the European Union.

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