The secret: essential for living well?

Without secrecy, no relationship is possible.

You can think of secrecy as a hidden, dark place. But in the opposite direction, if there were no secret, everything would be pure. This purity evokes paradise, where nothing is secret for anyone, but also nothingness, which is “pure”, it is nothing. There is nothing to find there.

The extreme boredom appears then, if nothing is secret, if everything is clear.

The secret is what makes one curious, what makes one interesting. If everything is known, if everything is clear, there is no more possible human relationship, there is no more possible human state.

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If paradise exists, then we will be happy not to live in secrecy anymore, because boredom will not exist either. If finally this paradise is only nothingness, we will not have more boredom, but seen from our human point of view, everything will be extremely boring.

These two hypotheses, by mise en abyme, are exactly what makes life interesting; because there is a secret, or a mystery, to know what happens after death. Of course, other secrets would make human life exciting, but if there were absolutely no secrets, no gray areas, there would be no need to learn, no human relationships, no discovery, etc.

Secrecy seems therefore essential to live well, from a human point of view.

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