[Clip] Alternatives to democracy as cigarettes

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[Clip] Alternatives to democracy as cigarettes

“We are a generation who got spoiled. I mean, we grew up with democracy. We are good with that, etc. And maybe, you know, it’s just like cigarettes. If you’ve never tried it, you see it, it’s a bit attractive. You want to try something else, you want, and then you’re trying because you don’t know what’s the harm of a cigarette and I don’t know if it’s a smoker or something. But once you get to smoke, every smoker would say that it produces many bad effects for them. Like they don’t feel good. Maybe they feel the need not to have a cigarette. And maybe with democracy, that’s also something similar where if you don’t get the, if you don’t know why it’s harming you, then you just want to try something new. Yeah, I think that maybe is right. And the harms aren’t immediate, right? So if you start sliding towards anti-democracy, you may not recognize the harms right away, but slowly they build upon each other. And then all of a sudden, you’re in a situation where it’s hard to get out of. So maybe the cigarette analogy is a good one. So it’s not only that they don’t recognize the harms because they haven’t experienced it, but that the harms are sometimes hard to understand, or at least hard to grasp. And they take a while to see the actual results. Yeah, because then after it’s about short term versus long term effect. So getting back to the cigarette, short term, you get actually a reward that you’re kind of happy to smoke. And maybe that’s only in the long term that you see effects.
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