[Clip] Democracy starts with young people

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One Change in the World
[Clip] Democracy starts with young people

“It’s really important to engage young people in democracy. You know, I always encourage people to bring their kids along with them when they go vote. We always go vote as a family. And we talk about issues of democracy, you know, at the dinner table, essentially, because I think it does start with young people. You know, one of the things that’s really discouraging is that voter turnout among young people is low. You know, it increases as you get older. And I think one way to really reform, at least American democracy and probably democracies all around the world, is to better engage young people. So I dedicated the book to them. You know, they’re 12 and eight right now. So they’re not quite voting age, but it won’t be too long. And I hope they and their generation are engaged citizens.
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