[Clip] Is capitalism responsible for the boom of shorts?

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[Clip] Is capitalism responsible for the boom of shorts?

social media have changed very quickly, the function that they had to have to accommodate perhaps people’s, I would say, tendencies. And one of our tendencies is the one to being, I would say, noticed. And it’s something that we search for. And they play a lot on that. Yeah, of course. And this is what the turbo capitalism is right now, because it’s always trying to find a way to make good profit. And this is very, like, an evaluative, value-free perspective on that. I’m not giving negative connotation to that. It’s just what it is. If we think of what is behind social media, and we’re now experiencing the boom of shorts, of TikTok, kind of social media, this extremism of short-term consumption is getting to such levels.

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