[Clip] Schopenhauer’s hedgehog dilemma

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[Clip] Schopenhauer's hedgehog dilemma

when did societies turn individualistic? It’s very hard to find the origin, no? So in a certain sense, it can be also power, natural, instinctive, evolutionary predisposition to be individualistic in a sense. In another sense, this could be debated. Yeah, I mean, because for sure we have both, we have a self-interest, everybody is having their self-interest and also we rely on others for surviving, etc. So I think, you know, there are these metaphors which are from one from Chopin hour, one from Kant, but the Chopin hour one, it’s a hedgehog, you know, this animal with many… Yeah, yeah. And they are basically next to each other and trying to get closer to each other because they need each other. And then because of this, I don’t know how to call that, on their back, they hurt each other. So then they go a bit further, they still want to be close. So, you know, it’s this tension between we would like to be alone and at the same time, we need the others. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, in a sense, we are social animals on the other end. On the other end, maybe not. Yes, Kant was speaking of the unsociable sociability of the human being or something like that, which I think is a nice way.

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