[Clip] Summary Kindness in the workplace

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[Clip] Summary Kindness in the workplace

“So thank you very much for all these ideas.
I will just make a short summary if I may, then you add if I forgot something.
Basically, I try to make a very short summary.
You’re saying that we should get more kindness in the workplace just because that would just make things nicer for everybody.
That’s quite a pretty simple reason.
And for that, you’re saying that maybe what happens when people are in kindness because they learn to be on time.
And for example, in the academic field, but also in politics or in other kinds of jobs, maybe because also you have an incentive to be not nice in the sense that it’s associated, at least, I don’t know, it’s associated in people’s mind, even though it shouldn’t be the case with the fact that you’ll get more successful.
You’ll obtain more if you are violent with others.
Like, if you don’t respect them or not kind enough, then maybe you’ll get more of it.
And you’re saying that it’s maybe the wrong way to see the things.
And actually being kind is something that could make you as well successful and you don’t need to compromise on your values to get the aims that you want.
And then we were thinking about the solution.
So since it’s something that we learn, for example, of the education when we are young or by seeing it around, there would be a solution.
Help me.
But then there will be at the individual level, of course, to be a model.
So that some individuals identify what’s wrong with that system and maybe change themselves by their own behavior.
And then there will also be, we started to talk about that at the end, the idea that at a more systemic level, there could actually be one solution, which is of course to revert the cycle, but also seeing that the cycle is also encouraged by the visibility that is given from people who are unkind and therefore maybe creating some initiatives or not giving as much visibility to emptiness.
Is that a good summary?
A very good summary.
I’m happy.
Do you have anything to add?
No, I’m very happy with our conversation.
So thank you very much and see you for the second episode another time.
The podcast is brand new.
I hope you found this first episode promising.
And if it’s the case, please give it the best grade on the platform which you’re using to listen to it.
This is so important at the beginning.
So thank you so much for that and see you for the next episode.” #society #kindness #work

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