[Clip] The problem of mental health as a taboo

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[Clip] The problem of mental health as a taboo

there is a personal side of us and sometimes it’s very difficult to deal with it if you don’t have the tools to do it. And because most of the time, what we see and how we see, how we live is psychological help is something for the sick, something for people that are not well with their mind. So it’s something that is confined to an outer world, while it’s not like this. It’s not like this. Something which becomes against taboo and that people would think it’s not for them, it shouldn’t be for them. Otherwise, it means they have a big problem. And this, of course, as you say, creates also a lot of resistance towards asking mental health and treatment. And because we created a taboo, we created a sort of taboo on our mental health. And so trying to give already the guys tools to get an understanding of themselves, I think that would be very beneficial.

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