[Clip] Why are people not interested in democracy and how to deal with it

“For you, it’s crystal clear that it’s so important democracy, etc. And I mean, your wish now is to have people more committed to that. And so for many people, it’s not that clear. And how do you explain that some people are more reluctant or less interested and don’t feel the same passion as you have for the end democratic rights? Well, I think, you know, part of the problem is that people sometimes are suffering from their own issues, you know, whether it’s poverty, whether it’s the daily life and the struggles of daily life. And they don’t see how democracy can help their everyday lives. So I think we as academics and just people in general need to do a better job of explaining to those individuals why democracy actually matters and can help them. You know, it can come down to the smallest thing, like you have a pothole on your street, right, that it’s, you know, harder to or public transportation is not as reliable. Well, what can you do about that? You can get leaders who will respond to the people, you know, in a true representative democracy, where you can vote the bums out if you don’t like what they’re doing. Politicians, at least should be responsive to the people because they’re fearful that in the next election, they won’t win. And so I think what we need to do is explain to people who are disillusioned with democracy, how it actually impacts their everyday lives.
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