[Full] Individualism and mental health – Mattia Gatti (Luiss University)

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One Change in the World
[Full] Individualism and mental health - Mattia Gatti (Luiss University)

  1. Individualism and mental health
  2. The danger of economic growth mindset
  3. What do you choose:
  4. changing the system or the new iphone?
  5. Trapped in the pursuit of economic growth?
  6. Has consumerism replaced social bonds?
  7. Suicide and individualism associated
  8. Schopenhauer’s hedgehog dilemma
  9. How to get back mental health after individualism
  10. The problem of mental health as a taboo
  11. Is capitalism responsible for the boom of shorts?
  12. Should social media be banned?
  13. Summary Individualism and mental health
  14. English and French bulldogs

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