[Clip] Individualism and mental health

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[Clip] Individualism and mental health

I would say the first thing that comes to mind is mental health awareness. Why I say so? Because we live in a society right now and as I’m saying that I feel old saying that because a lot of people especially old people talk like that like society today is bad but let’s say that on the one hand we can say that there is more awareness. Awareness is increasing on a lot of would say topics that perhaps before were taboos or were not considered as much. Let’s think about how gender issues are coming back into actually not coming back are coming into the agenda and public debate and there’s much more awareness. But I think that one point that on which we still lack more I would say sensibility is mental health. And I would like both my governments and an Italian citizen to do more for that especially supporting financially economically people that don’t have the means but would like to start a psychological, psychotherapical treatment. But sometimes it’s very difficult especially considering the state of our public health system. Mental health is a big topic. We’ve gotten to a point in our sort of development, societal development in which the main concern is growth, economic growth. And all these emphasis on economic growth which is not anymore community growth but it’s more individual growth like individual economic growth. For example let’s look at the educational and university offer that we have not only in Italy but we have in Europe, in the US. And let’s look at what is the economic offer. Where do people go? People go to do marketing, go to do management, go to do finance. And I mean it’s important if you have a productive system to go that way. It’s reasonable and it’s logical that people will go there because this is where the money is. But on the other hand I think this is more a general question. We’re going from mental health to a more general question. Is that truly what the main goal should be?

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