Subjects and correction Sciences Po 2014 concours commun

These exam questions and suggested correction to the common entrance exam for the first year were written by the Academics in Politics team.

Please feel free to give your own impressions and outlines in the comments of each correction.

The correction to the 2014 competitive entrance exam:

  • Sciences Po 2014 answer keys subject Contemporary questions on work and culture (subject)
    Is work still a factor of social integration?
    Does the globalization of culture lead to uniformity?
  • Sciences Po 2014 subject History: France’s diplomatic power in the world from 1958 to 2007

As a reminder, the regional Sciences Po competition innovated in 2014:

—by the introduction of a direct entry exam in the 2nd year,

—and the creation of a 7th IEP, the Sciences Po of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, after Sciences Po Aix, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

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13 thoughts on “Subjects and correction Sciences Po 2014 concours commun

  1. Good evening are you sure that the synonym of to feed (e) is stoking because stoking means storage and therefore seems to me more related to reservoir (f) Thank you in advance for your answer

  2. Hello, I’m a little panicked since at the end of the competition they gave a paper with access to see the results. But I lost this paper…I can still go and see the results on the registration site, can’t I?

  3. Hello, Will there be a correction for the Spanish subject? Thank you for the corrections on contemporary issues and regarding history!

  4. Good evening, Do you outline to offer a correction for the English test? Maybe at least for synonyms and a quick debrief of questions?

  5. Will there also be a correction in English? Thank you for these elements in any case and for this very well done site!

  6. @Louise: Yes, the Touchard is the right choice, because it covers the entire period of Sciences Po Bordeaux’s BAC 1 program in history. You can also help yourself files on history from the middle of the 19th century.The general knowledge test is very important at Sciences Po Bordeaux. The best to study it are the works of general knowledge sheets, which are quite numerous in bookstores. There is often a “general knowledge” department in bookstores; this is where they are. The books themselves are most often divided into themes, since general knowledge is by definition one of the largest domains that exists. You really should not neglect this test, because it is often decisive between the candidates. Most of them work more on history than on general knowledge, to which they do not pay special attention: you must pay special attention to it. Political subject persons are indeed appreciated at Sciences Po Bordeaux. It is necessary to proceed in the same way as all the other dissertations: to delimit the limits of the question, often the dates of the political action of this person. It is then necessary to understand what was the problem that can be raised by the action of this person, to find the problem. It is then like a dissertation, with its development. In fact, the difficulty of these exam questions varies depending on the person who is the question of the question, especially when they have had a disjointed public life.

  7. Good evening, First of all, thank you very much for all the good advice from yours, which helped me a lot for the Sciences Po test on Saturday. And thank you for this fix. I continue in my revisions to pass the contest of sciences po Bordeaux in French baccalauréat 1 this time, which is very close to my heart. I based myself a lot on touchard in my revisions this year that you advised me. Do you have any advice for preparing for the general knowledge test? I’ve also seen in the history that some years they come up with political figures as an essay topic, what exactly are they waiting for? And how to prepare effectively for this kind of dissertation? Thank you in advance, Louise

  8. The exam question of history was The diplomatic power of France in the world from 1958 to 2007.

  9. The exam question of history was the diplomatic power of France in the world from 1958 to 2007

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