The symbols of justice throughout history

Justice(Defined here), an important theme in law, General Knowledge, contemporary issues, philosophy, is represented by many important symbols.

This symbolism is inscribed in the collective memory, whether it be during the period of royal power, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic era or the Republican era.

Symbols of justice in the Middle Ages

  • Sacred justice: forces of nature: wood, flowery crown, horn of plenty
  • Justice comes from God and the higher powers, it reminds men of their smallness.

Symbols of justice in modern history

  • Ideal justice: the King is the intermediary between men and God, all justice comes from him. This judicial power is represented by the hand of justice.
  • The bare knee is another less known symbol of justice: it represents the mercy of the king, his clemency, to judge other men.
  • The fleur-de-lys is another symbol.

Symbols of Justice during the French Revolution:

  • Taken from Greek mythology: Themis (which means “divine law”) is a goddess who embodies justice. Her blindfolded eyes represent her impartiality.
  • Themis carries a sword (the sword, representing justice, decision and truth, decides, and executes the actions) and a scale (represented the last judgment, then sign of equity, weighing the pros and cons).
  • The scale is also explained from ancient Egypt: after death, Osiris weighed the heart of men against a feather on the other side to judge its lightness, a condition to go to heaven.
  • The tables of the law, given to Moses, acquire a more profane value.

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