Definitions of Justice

What is the definition of justice?

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General definition:

A moral principle involving the conformity of retribution with merit, respect for what is right.

1. The principle by which one recognizes what is just and in conformity with the law; moral requirement which makes that one returns to each one what belongs to him, that one respects the rights of others.

2. The action of recognizing someone’s right, of granting him what is just that he should obtain; character of what is in conformity with the law, with equity.

3. The power to do right to everyone, to reward and punish; the exercise of this power.

4. Judicial authority, the institution comprising all the courts, magistrates, and officers, which is charged with the administration of justice.

5. Moral virtue, which makes one return to each what belongs to him.

6. The inner rectitude that God puts into the soul by his grace.
Plato (428 ca.-347 ca. BC) makes Socrates declare in:
“Justice consists in holding only the goods that belong to us in our own right and in exercising only our own function.”

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