Definitions of Love

Love is a concept still to be explored. Therefore there is no perfect definition.

Here is what we can say about love.

Definitions of Love:

General: The movement of the soul to establish an intimate relationship with another being, either to do him good or to receive good from him.

Inclination of a person towards another.

Tenderness: Strong affection for a person, deep tenderness which links two beings

Intense and pleasant feeling that incites beings to unite.

Religion: Act by which the Creator loves his creature, wishes that it unites with him; act by which the creature carries itself with all its being towards the Creator.

I desire to accomplish the good of others.

Attraction: Attraction, emotional or physical, that because of a certain affinity, a being feels for another being, to whom he is united or that he seeks to unite by a generally close link.

Carnal: Copulation, sexual relation, carnal union.

Analysis of the definitions of Love

Love is borrowed from metaphysics. Either because it is attributed a link with the soul, which is metaphysical, or because it comes from God, which is also metaphysical.

On the contrary, in the most down-to-earth sense, it is a carnal union. Some people will only recognize this definition, but it is not the one that immediately imposes itself on dictionary designers.

But each time, the important theme is that of the union. Union is unavoidable in the definitions of love. Either this union is frustrated, and in this case there is only an unsatisfied desire for union, or this union is complete and the two elements form a whole, by this bond of love.


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