French law – The application of the law in space

A. Application of the law throughout France

French law is applied throughout the French territory

This is the case of public law and criminal law
criminal law.

B. Exceptions to the principle of the application of the law on French territory

Private law statutes, insofar as they govern specific conflicts of interest, are superseded by another law in three

Local rights: local rights may be recognized for certain French regions, as is particularly the case in Alsace-Lorraine
and Alsace-Lorraine.

Overseas departments and communities:
the application of the law in these territories is subject to adaptations.

The legislation of different States: in certain situations, where a foreign
situation, where a foreign element intervenes, adaptations of the law is provided for. This is for example the case of marriages between a French citizen and a person of people of different nationalities.

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