Pascal – Justice and injustice

Blaise Pascal’s thought number 66 gives us several teachings on what justice is, which we have divided into three parts.

1. The people obey on the sole condition that they believe the laws are just
It is dangerous to tell the people that the laws are not just, because they obey them only because they believe them to be just.

2. Obey superiors not because they are just
‘That is why he must be told at the same time that he must obey them because that they are laws, just as superiors are to be obeyed not because they are because they are just, but because they are superior. By this, all sedition is prevented, if we can sedition is prevented, if this can be understood and if it is properly
[this is] the definition of justice.

3. The most just is to regulate one’s life by knowing oneself.
” One must know oneself. When this would not be useful to find the
truth, it at least serves to regulate one’s life, and there is nothing more just.

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