Percentage of smartphone use in France

CREDIT, “Conditions of Life and Aspirations” surveys, will be your best source to know on the fingertips of all the digital statistics, as part of the Concours common des Sciences Po 2019.

Today, zoom in on the percentage of smartphone use in France. How many French people have a smartphone?

In 2017, among those aged 12 or older, you were 73% of French people who own a smartphone.


Other interesting statistics, the rate of equipment in telephony, computers and the internet at home.

We notice in particular that fixed telephony, while it had already declined since 1998 with the advent of mobile telephony, and after a small rise, continues to decline.

Tablets have made a dramatic entrance since 2011 to reach 44%.

But above all, it is smartphones that have the edge. They almost reach the level of computers, to reach 73% as we have already reported above.

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