Quotes on Family

These quotations on the Family, organized in a chronological way, should allow you to give an outline of the great sentences which were pronounced or written and which reached us until now.

Quotations from ancient times

” there is a necessity in the bringing together of two beings who can do nothing without each other: I mean the union of the sexes for reproduction. And there is nothing arbitrary about it; for in man, as well as in other animals and in plants, it is a natural desire to want to leave after oneself a being made in one’s own image Aristotle, Politics, Book I, § 4

Quotes from the medieval era.

” Closer than those of blood and family are the bonds of friendship.” John Boccaccio, Decameron, 1351


oldest of all societies, and the only natural one, is the family” Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Book I, Chapter II, 1762.

“Where can one be better than in the bosom of one’s family? Jean-François Marmontel

“The whole human race is but one family scattered over the face of the whole earth Fénelon, The Adventures of Telemachus, 1699

Contemporary quotes on the Family

” Nations have great men only in spite of themselves – like families”, Charles Baudelaire, Fusées, 1851

« Families, I hate you! » – Jules Vallès, The Child, 1878

“The first-class opposition to manifest itself in history coincides with the development of antagonism between man and woman in conjugal marriage, and the first-class oppression, with the oppression of the female sex by the male sex.” Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, 1884

“In the family, the man is the bourgeois; the woman plays the role of the proletariat.” Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, 1884

“Families I hate you! Closed homes, closed doors, jealous possessions of happiness », André Gide, Les Nourritures terrestres, 1897

« Nothing is more dangerous for you than your family, your room, your past » by André Gide, Les Nourritures terrestres, 1897

« We get from our family both the ideas we live with and the illness we die of Marcel Proust, A l’Ombre des jeunes filles flour, 1919

“Hold everyone close to your heart as if they were a member of your own family, that alone is worthy of a human being. » Swami Prajñanpada (1891-1974)

« Where better to be than within a family? Anywhere else! » Hervé Bazin, Viper in the Fist, 1948

Bonus quotes

These quotes are not intended for anything other than your enjoyment, to be avoided in copies ;).

“After a good dinner you do not hold a grudge against anyone, not even your own family.” by Oscar Wilde

“The families, when summer comes, head for the sea, taking their children with them, in the hope, often disappointed, of drowning the ugliest.” by Alphonse Allais

“If the theory of evolution is true, how is it that mothers always have only two hands?” by E. Dussault

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