Science categories

The sciences are sometimes classified into three categories, three main scientific fields.

This scientific organization has the advantage that you will not omit any science in your essay.

  1. The formal sciences
  2. Natural sciences
  3. Humanities and social sciences

A word for each of these scientific categories:

1. The formal sciences are abstract, they concern mathematics mainly, logic.

2. The natural sciences are based more on experience, the observation of facts: physics, chemistry, biology is the main ones.

3. The human sciences are vast. They concern the study of civilization – anthropology, economics, history, geography – , of man as a society – science of education, religion, for example – , of man himself – psychology – of what he has created – study of laws, musicology, medicine.

Remember to include all these areas of science in your Contemporary Issues, General Knowledge, Philosophy, or other paper, keeping in mind that science is a concept that can be expanded.

Last question to fuel your thinking: is philosophy a science? In which category would you place philosophy? We await your correction in the comments.

General Knowledge: Science