Science in God – Encyclopedia

In theEncyclopedia directed by D’Alembert and Diderot, several articles include the word science. Here is the introduction of the article: “Science in God.”

In this article, it is explained how God has all science in him, perfect and infinite.

Science in God (Theolog.) is the attribute by which he knows all things, of whatever nature they may be. God has a perfect and infinite knowledge; he knows all that is possible, all that is real, all that is in the future, either absolute or conditional.

Although the science of God considered in itself is a very simple act, and like a clear and accurate glance by which all is present before him, nevertheless the various objects which it embraces, have made the theologians distinguish three kinds of science in God; namely, the science of simple intelligence, the science of vision, and a third which some call average science.

The science of simple intelligence is that by which God sees the purely possible things which neither exist nor will ever exist. It is the attribute by which God has the simultaneous & adequate representation of all possibilities. To conceive it, as far as we are able, we must pay attention 1°. to the immense number of possibles, 2°. to what their distinct representation entails.

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