The city for INSEE

What is the city for INSEE?

The institute has developed its own definition, which is still used today, that you can use to understand the statistics on the city. Here is the definition they give on their website.
Cities and urban agglomerations, also referred to as urban units, whose delimitation is based solely on the criterion of continuity of the settlement, can be made up of:
two or more municipalities, i.e. a central city and its suburbs (exceptionally several central cities), on the territory of which a built-up area contains more than 2,000 inhabitants; such an urban unit is then called a multi-municipal agglomeration;
a single municipality with an agglomerated population of at least 2,000; such a municipality is called an isolated city or, more commonly, a town.
A first delimitation of cities and urban agglomerations was made on the occasion of the 1954 census. New urban units were created in the 1962, 1968, 1975, 1982, 1990 and 1999 censuses.

The determining criterion for INSEE is the number of inhabitants: the threshold is set at 2,000 inhabitants.

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