The promises of science – Friedrich Nietzsche

In 1882, Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Gay Science was published.

In this work Friedrich Nietzsche shows us the role played by the “charlatans”, as we could roughly call them, who lived in the previous centuries.

These, by their promises, gave the appetite to the men, the appetite for the “hidden and forbidden powers”, that is to say what belongs to the magic.

But it is precisely this, the magic that has founded scientific research and the development of science in general.

Thus Friedrich Nietzsche writes:

Do you think that the sciences could have ever developed and grown, if they had not had as their vanguard the magicians, the alchemists, the astrologers and the witches whose promises and mirages had to arouse thirst, hunger, the pleasant foretaste of hidden and forbidden powers?

The sciences make it possible to overcome the natural, and it was necessary that the man has an intense desire to exceed this natural, so that it succeeds in developing the sciences.