Some work, others sleep – Rimbaud

In this poem, Arthur Rimbaud talks about the work of the poorest while the richest are still sleeping.

Good morning thought

At four o’clock in the morning, in summer,

The sleep of love still lasts.

Under the groves, the dawn evaporates

The smell of the celebrated evening.

But over there in the immense construction site

Towards the sun of the Hesperides,

In their shirtsleeves, the carpenters

Already agitate.

In their desert of moss, quiet,

They prepare the precious panelling

Where the wealth of the city

I will laugh under false skies.

Ah! for these charming workers

Subjects of a king of Babylon,

Venus! leaves the Lovers a little

Whose soul is in the crown

O Queen of the Shepherds!

Carry to the workers the brandy.

So that their forces are at peace

While waiting for the bath in the sea, at noon.

Arthur Rimbaud

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