A popular history of American society after 1945

Popular History of the United States Society After 1945This

information is mostly taken from Howard Zinn’s famous book, A Popular History of the United States. Howard Zinn (1922–2010) was a critical and pacifist historian of US history, and his work certainly reflects his efforts to reconsider US history.

We offer three major reflections on US history after 1945.

1. The beginning of the Cold War and the Truman Doctrine

—Aid to Greece

—The Korean War

—Fight against communism

—Joseph McCarthy

—The Rosenberg spy case

—Culture in the service of anti-communism

—The military budget

—Marshall Plan and economic aid

—The intervention of the United States

—Inequalities of the American population

2. The black revolt

—The awakening of the black American conscience

—Rosa Parks

Sit-ins and Freedom Rides

—Congressional and Presidential Response

—March 1963 on Washington

—The assassination of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

—The relative improvement of the living conditions of the Black population

3. The United States at the time of the Vietnam War

—The 1st part of the Indochina war

—The 2nd part of the Indochina war

—The first protests against the war in Vietnam

—The amplification of the movements of protest against the war

—The end of the US involvement in Vietnam