Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as of 2015

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Explanations of the Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Here is a summary of the current issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

More than 80% of the water is used by Israel, which limits the amount of water available for Palestinian consumption to 20%,” says Amnesty International. In the Jordan Valley, where 95% of the land and 98% of the water have been taken over by Israeli settlements, Palestinians are reduced to poverty or exile.”

Against Israel:
The Turkish Prime Minister condemned Israel’s actions, saying it was fully responsible for them.
Iran wants “retaliatory actions” against Israel
Afghanistan has in the same sense denounced the Israeli raids

In favor of Israel
Barack Obama has called for an end to the violence, while recalling that “Israel has the right to defend itself.”
Ban Ki-moon would have been sent by the UN with the objective of concluding a ceasefire.

Each side is trying to win over the outside world to its cause, especially with the advent of new technologies.
The most eloquent example is materialized in a psychological war on Twitter, to choose the best placed Hashtag in the Trends: while the Israeli supporters tweet #IsraelUnderFire (Israel under fire) or #PillarOfDefense, the Palestinian supporters tweet #GazaUnderAttack (Gaza is attacked).

Similarly, each side posts its own photos of the conflict, to their advantage, on the social networks facebook or twitter. For example, the death of the military chief of Hamas by Tsahal (the Israeli Defense Army) was announced on Twitter.

The region has great religious importance for all Jews, Muslims and Christians: Promised Land for the Jews, Holy Land for the Christians, Sacred Land for the Muslims

Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Balfour Declaration provides for the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine in 1917.

The League of Nations awarded Palestine to Great Britain, which was to administer it for a mandate for several years.

Revendications palestiniennesThere were two opposing ideas: Zionist demands (to create an Israeli state) and Arab nationalism represented by the Arab League (which wanted to keep its state).

The Zionist claims were exacerbated after the Second World War and the genocide against the Jews.

The UN planned the division of Palestine into two states, for each of the two ideas (a Jewish state and an Arab state). Contested by the Arabs, this project led to a civil war between Jews and Arabs.

Ben Gourion proclaims the constitution of Israel in 1948.

The Arab states in the region attacked Israel.

The Suez Canal affair (1956) reignited the conflict, with Israel allying itself with France and Great Britain against Egypt.

Israel launched the Six Day War, which it won by occupying the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, the Golan Heights (Syria) and Sinai, a region east of Egypt.

Egypt reacted a few years later with the Yom Kippur War, which Israel won.

In 1978, Egypt and Israel signed the Camp David agreements.

Israel invades Lebanon in 1982 to destroy the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, led by Yasser Arafat (whose death in Paris is currently under investigation, in 2012), and which is forced to retreat to Tunisia.

The Intifada, or war of stones, began in 1987 and lasted until 1993: Palestinians protested against the presence of the Israelis.

The PLO recognized the Israeli state in 1988 while proclaiming the Palestinian state.

In 2000, a second Intifada broke out, resulting in the construction of a wall separating Israel and the West Bank.

In this war where attacks are multiplying, scattered, one of the last episodes dates from December 2008. Operation Cast Lead was organized by Israel to destroy the rocket fire of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement.

Espoirs du conflit israélo-palestinien

Summary of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today

where is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the early 2010s?

Explication conflit israélo-palestinien

November 2012: Palestinians located in Gaza fired on Friday on Jerusalem (capital of the State of Israel) and Tel Aviv (1st cities of Israel, where the most Jews in the world live). Israel mobilized in response 75,000 reserve soldiers, launched the “pillar of defense” operation, blocked all main roads leading to Gaza, threatening to launch a ground offensive against Gaza.

June 2014: Israel launches Operation Protective Edge, after the killing of three Jewish teenagers by two Hamas members, and that of a Palestinian shortly after. The losses are considerable, although estimates vary widely.

September 2015: attacks and tensions erupt demonstrations, assassination attempts, rocket fire, use of the air force. By February 2016, the conflict is said to have already resulted in more than 200 deaths – mostly Palestinians – and more than 2,300 injuries – also mostly Palestinians.

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  1. In any case, no one wants to stop this war because as long as it doesn’t affect us, we don’t react, is that it?? 69 years how long this war lasts and everyone continues to do nothing and live peacefully

  2. you talk a lot I find losses at the level of the Israelis but not enough deaths on the side of the Palestinians especially since there are a large number of them

  3. But look at this, where is our world going?? it is your duty to all citizens of the world that you react, that you finally understand the varied reality that surrounds us, that you stop paying attention to what the media and most of the great figures of this world slander, that you can act on your own and critically interpret the reality around us. Know all the same that I am not racist in any way I do not believe in any form of racism, I do not believe in any form of discrimination, however there is a state to blame in this whole story and a person in charge who is limited to listen only to your own interest Dear nationals, governments betray, governments lie, governments are not moving in the right direction; governments and even some in particular have made themselves a terrible ally with two double-edged swords, a hypocritical ally: ISRAEL December 27, 2011 Gaza besieged, Palestine occupied, the Palestinians of Gaza 4 years after this continual massacre, call on all the societies of the world to an international movement of liberation, for them the Palestinians who are victims of 63 years of brutal military occupation and ethnic cleansing which brings shame to shame any organization or government which claims to adhere to universal human rights. We will never forget the wound of 5 years ago, the criminal attack that they lived, the blood of more than 1400 murdered men women and children, nor the hundreds of children running by the thousands in the streets of Gaza, amid the rubble, which remain etched in our memories. We will never forget, because they are still dead and thousands more are still mutilated. We will never forget the past 63 years when their land, their home, their olive trees, their lemon trees and their way of life that they cherished so much were snatched away from them while the Israelis held the faces of their fathers in the sand, imprisoning them or shooting them in front of them. We will never forget the sickening cowardice of the international community that allowed and facilitated this ethnic cleansing of their peoples, subjecting them to the Zionist vision of Israel, which defines THEM as the indigenous people of Palestine USA continues to reward Israel by 6 million dollars while the EU multiplies its trade relations We will finally never forget these massacres which have become daily these atrocities perpetrated by the state which has violated more resolutions in the world at the UN than any other in the world WHO STOPS THESE MASSACRES?? ANSWER THEM? SUPPORT IN Europe and the USA movements have already begun despite the resistance of some to bury, hide, stifle these scandals We are their last hopes, their last rays WE, nations of the whole world, whites, blacks, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Muslims, show us worthy of our values, encourage our fellow human beings to boycott, divest and sanction, join the many unions and associations. Even if I am only 16 years old and my word is not worth much in your eyes, I have my inner conviction and I am ready for anything, determined to speak. SPEAK UP for Palestine, for Gaza, it’s critically important ACT, we don’t need the superpowers and governments of the world, count on us and make our world OUR glory.

  4. This is just the beginning. We haven’t seen anything yet… The Palestinians will have to forcibly leave THEIR lands so as not to be killed. And all this under the applause of barak obama and his friends…

  5. why are all the leaders also stupid, what is the point of being appointed head of state to kill weak people with impunity and with them children…why are there borders between men and why the military make war in off base?? hey to you leaders, I say go fuck yourselves it will do you a lot of good and let your wives instead get sodomized by real men, poor brain whackos, no balls, you dirty motherfuckers

  6. Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, you all stand the same. Others fight for the cause of God. But he believes that God is so great that no one can avenge him, so do you hear

  7. It fills me with pain, I hope that one day we will stop killing each other… Allah rahima all the victims of this massacre.

  8. let’s stop the war and think about our future especially the development of our countries

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