Bibliography on the Revolutions

The 2020 themes for the Sciences Po exam have been announced.

Maybe some of you are interested in getting straight to work, and that is a great idea.

That is why we have put together a mini-bibliography of three books to read, which will allow you to tackle this new theme of Revolutions (which were sure will come back in 2021).

Without further ado, here are the 3 books we recommend you read on Revolutions to prepare for the 2020 Sciences Po exam.

Books on Revolutions:

This book has the advantage of addressing both revolt and revolution as its main subject. It uses historical, philosophical and General Knowledge references to propose several visions around the theme of the Revolt and the Revolution. Beware, the work itself is a classic, and proposes a biased vision of the previous visions, it is this reading grid that you will have to grasp, which makes the work extremely interesting.

Reads very quickly. And yet, it is one of the fundamentals of the French Revolution in the history of political ideas. It is a work that is appreciated at Sciences Po and that is studied there.

This “little” book has also inspired a thousand and one revolution, both failed and successful. It is a classic for those who want to understand the ideas from which the Karl Marxist revolutions started. Because of its partisan color, it is, of course, a must in political thought.

Finally, we will update this article when the different publishing houses have published their revision sheets for the Sciences Po 2020 exam: Secret and Revolutions.

But these three readings should allow you to dig deeper and see in depth what questions this theme of Revolutions can raise, and what would not be possible with a superficial reading of cards. So start this summer, that is the best advice we can give you.

Update: See also these preparation books Secret and Revolutions:

  1. Sciences Po – Concours commun des Sciences Po —The Secret and Revolutions – Contemporary Issues – Everything to succeed – 2020
  2. Sciences Po 2020 Common Competition. 1st year. The secret / Revolutions – ellipses
  3. Sciences Po 2020 Common Entrance Examination. More than 100 cards to pass the contemporary questions test – 1st year entry – Revolutions / The Secret – ellipses.