Definition of Globalization

You will find in this article a complete definition of Globalization.

This term is recent, and therefore deserves caution in front of a usage that is not yet fully clarified that has not been revealed by the test of time.

The general definition of Globalization:

This definition comes from the Dictionary of the French Academy (9th edition).

1. The fact of spreading all over the world, to concern all humanity.

2. New concepts designating the generalization of international relations in the political, economic and cultural fields.

Etymology and construction of the meaning of Globalization:

Paul Otlet writes for the first time the term of globalization in French, to designate the reorganization of the international life after the 1st World War.

Theodore Levitt defined globalization as “the convergence of markets that takes place throughout the world” in 1983.

Marshall McLuhan evokes another aspect of globalization, which this time is not only economic, by speaking of

The debate is still ongoing to define and fix the term globalization, which is still a complex word used to cover a variety of meanings.

We must therefore be particularly careful with the use of the word globalization, studying all its aspects and systematically reminding ourselves of the value it is given.

Difference with globalization

The term globalization is inextricably linked to that of mondialisation.

It is this word that has been retained in most foreign languages, under the influence of English, to designate globalization.

However, even if this difference is not asserted and remains confused, globalization seems to be distinct from mondialisation in French.

Globalization is understood above all as a process of extension, an enlargement, of previously regional or local relations, to henceforth international relations.

Whereas globalization is the very state of international exchanges and relations, without evolution, but rather at a given moment, in a given situation. The globalization would be in French, a reference to the system world, to Marshall McLuhan.

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